Thursday, February 27, 2014

How to make Pulled Pork on a Weber Smokey Joe

6.5 lb - Bone in Boston Butt
1-1.5 Cups - Wolfe Rub Original or Bold BBQ Seasoning
Lump Charcoal 5-6 lbs
5-6 - Small Pieces of Apple Wood

1.  Liberally rub the Boston Butt with Wolfe Rub.
2.  Load up charcoal on one side of the Jumbo Joe or other kettle style grill.
3.  Mix wood chunks throughout the pile.
4.  Place Boston Butt on opposite side fat side down and using a small hand torch, light a small section for 1 minute. If you do not have a hand torch, lights two or three pieces of lump in a charcoal chimney and add to the top of the pile.
5.  Place lid on grill and shut the top and bottom vents down 75%.  At this point be patient and do not touch the grill at least for an hour or more.  The temperatures will gradually climb and settle in the 275º-325º range.
6.  If the temperatures spike or drop out of your range, it's not a big patient and the temps will settle in.
7.  Do not check for fuel unless your temps drop drastically.  The more you open the lid, the more your temperatures will spike.
8.  If and when you need to add charcoal, open the grill, stir the burning coals and add the unlit coals to the pile of lit.  Replace lid.
9.  Continue cooking until the Boston Butt's internal temperature reaches 195º-200º or until the blade bone wiggles freely.
10.  Wrap the Boston Butt in aluminum foil and rest at least one hour or several hours.
11.  Pull the meat with two forks, removing the bone and discarding excess fat.
12.  Sprinkle Wolfe Rub into the pulled meat and mix.


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