Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spare Ribs with the fixin's!

We had my girlfriends Grand Daughter, Daughter and Son in Law over yesterday for some good eats.

Two racks of untrimmed spare ribs that I cut in half and rubbed liberally with Wolfe Rub Original . Due to space I overlapped the ribs with no cooking problems whatsoever. They turned out no different than they would have if they had been laid flat.
Image Image

I had the other kettle loaded up with Wolfe Beans and ABT's.
Image Image

Ribs are getting there and almost ready for the sauce.

50/50 SBR's and Honey.
Image Image

Wolfe Beans and ABT's are almost done.

Dinner is ready.
Image Image Image

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  1. Looks like some great q. It's been forever since I cooked untrimmed spares.