Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Little Piece of Brisket

I cooked one of these 'pieces' of brbefore and it was like the bottom of my shoe. This time, I did a different approach.
I got this piece on sale for $5.33, I figured it would give me something to do and if I dried it out, I'd make chili today.

Weighing in at a lean and mean 2.69lbs, it was ready to cook.

My 'new' approach' with such a lean piece of brisket was to attempt to retain all of it's natural juices, without adding any. So I made a little pool out of aluminum foil to hold the juices. As you can see I did not trim whatsoever, needed all of that little piece on the end!

Seasoned with salt, pepper, granulate garlic and onion power.

After roughly two hours, here is all the juice that would have been lost.

At this point I wrapped it up in the foil and juices and continued to cook until tender, another 3 hours. Looks like a NY Strip huh?

While the brisket was resting, I tended to the homemade macaroni and cheese.......STRAIGHT OUT THE BAG BOY!

Dinner is now ready. This brisket, small as it was, was one of the most tender and flavorful briskets I've cooked in a while....fork tender, but not falling apart. Going to the store after work to see if they have more on sale!

That brisket was perfect for me and Cathryn and there's just enough to make a small pot of chili for us tonight!!

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  1. What was the internal temp when you pulled it, same as for large briskets or did you pull it a little sooner?

    I've had issues with the smaller ones too.