Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yeah yeah, so I'm redundant!

Had a craving for a burger, so Buffalo it was!  Cathryn wanted a Jucy Lucy, so I put a piece of AMERICAN cheese in hers.

Priorities, priorities, I needed to light the Cohiba first!  Thanks to my budd!

My daughter wanted sweet potato chips, which we do in the oven often, but this was a first on the grill.  I've grilled larger sliced sweet potatoes, but these were almost paper thin.

Cooked indirect until crisp, turning often and then sprinkled with Wolfe Rub Original.

Then got the burgers going.  The Jucy Lucy is the big burger to the left and then you have my wife's Bubba Burger.  It pisses me off she won't even try the Buffalo......

Burgers are almost done, but I had one fall apart on me!  Doh!

Potatoes are done and perfectly crisp!  These were fantastic!

Dinner is ready!  You can see the cheese ooozing from the Jucy Lucy in the center of the platter.  I also sprinkled Wolfe Rub Original on Cathryn's burger per her request!

My burger, I know it looks more like a salad huh?

Touch over cooked, but still nice and moist and tasty!

And Cathryn's Jucy Lucy!


  1. probably didn't think I checked in here anymore, huh? It's good to see you're getting "redundant" too. Those sweet potato chips look great. What'd you use to slice 'em real thin?

  2. Classics are classics for a reason... great looking plate