Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Dinner Cooked by Cathryn

Cathryn and I were at the pool on Saturday and she asked "Daddy can I cook dinner for you on Sunday".  I said, "sure".  I said "what are you going to cook for me?" She replied, "shredded beef"!  I was surprised and happy.  She took charge early Sunday afternoon and I helped a little.

We started with a small, almost 3lb chuck roast.
The seasoning was all her doings.  She splashed a bit of worcestershire sauce and then gave it a good rubbing of her favorite.......Wolfe Rub Original.

She even cleaned the grill.

And lit the grill.

She put 3 small pieces of cherry wood on the grill.  The white stuff on the grates is Pam.

Meat is ready to go on the grill!

After about 2 hours in the smoke it was ready to be foiled.

After another 2.5 hours and a 30 minute rest, the meat was done and very tender!

My plate full of Southern favorites of mine that included collard greens, stewed squash and Hoppin John!  The slaw on top of the sandwich is made with Reverend Marvins Gourmet BBQ Sauce and absolute MUST for beef!!  The slaw was outrageously good!

If you're from the South, you know you don't eat greens without Pepper Sauce and this is one of my favorites and brings back many of childhood memories from growing up in NC.  I ate a couple of the tabasco peppers too!

THANK YOU Cathryn for the best Father's Day I could have asked for!  Love Daddy!


  1. Great job, Kathryn!!! Looks delish!!

  2. What a fantastic Father's Day meal! The chow chow and the beef look amazing!

  3. Larry, you are a lucky man! Cathryn is as talented as you are and is obviously a good learner. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

    Cathryn, you did your Daddy proud! We are looking forward to seeing some more of your wonderful cooking.