Saturday, July 3, 2010

Swordfish, Porterhouses' and Chicken


We had a medley of eat on the grill last night.  My brother is staying for the weekend, doing some work in the area and I like to feed him good when he comes over.  His typical dinner is a Hungryman XXL or Stouffer's meal.

Started off with potatoes, white and sweets and some red onions marinated in Zesty Italian Dressing, salt and pepper.

Then added some boneless skinless chicken breast that were coated in EVOO and Wolfe Rub Citrus for my daughter....she's not a huge steak fan.

Then added some red pepper that was coated in EVOO and salt and pepper.

That stage of dinner is ready and we're ready for the 2lb porterhouse's and 1lb swordfish steak FOR ME!  Steaks were seasoned with salt and pepper and the swordfish was coated with EVOO and seasoned with  Wolfe Rub Citrus.

Steaks are ready!

My plate with plenty of pico da gallo for the fish, love it!

My brothers steak.....nice and juicy!

I think he enjoyed it?