Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ribeyes and Halibut

This was kind of an early Mother's day and birthday celebration dinner.  So it was rib eyes for my wife and guests and halibut for me.    Yep, I'm still on my healthy eating and work out regimen and I'm down 25lbs!  Woot woot!

Started off cooking baked potatoes in foil for everyone, even though I prefer the potatoes unfoiled, which is why my daughters and my sweet potatoes are unfoiled!  Same with the corn on the cob, much better unfoiled in my opinion, but my wife foiled it with butter and s&p.  Ugh.....

Then I added a red onion and red bell pepper marinated in Newmans Caesar Parmesan Dressing , which are pretty much staples for us when we grill.  Redundant, but still very tasty!

While the vegetables finished, I had a couple of Dos Equis with lime and as usual acted goofy.  Nice green teeth huh?

Veggies are done and it's time to get the grill ready for the MEAT!

My wife's steaks is seasoned with salt and pepper and the other two will be seared naked and one will be seasoned at the flip with Wolfe Rub Original for my daughter and the other with Wolfe Rub Bold for Garrett her boyfriend and the contributor of the Dos Equis!  He always brings good beer, so I have to feed him well!  Cool dude!

I seasoned my 1lb piece of halibut with Wolfe Rub Citrus about 30 minutes before it hit the grill.

After the steaks were flipped at the 4 minute mark I seasoned, cooked another four minutes and then moved indirect while I quickly cooked the halibut.  As you can see, there's a good amount of Wolfe Rub on the steaks, but it will melt into the meat and kinda provide a sauce as you begin to eat it.  Look's like overkill, but it works nicely.

Super quick flip on the seasoned side to caramelize and create a nice crust on the steak.  20-30 seconds at the most or the seasoning will burn.

Garret's steak cooked to perfection!

My plate with the halibut, half sweet potato and a salsa I made for the fish.  Well, all I did was mix in some pineapple chunks along with jarred salsa.  Turned out better than I anticipated!


  1. Looks good, Larry. I enjoy halibut too, although those ribeyes look delicious!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Larry, on the ribeyes are you hitting the seasoned side direct for 25 - 30 seconds them moving to the indirect side, or are you searing for 25 - 30 seconds then they're done?

    Great looking fish - but dang those ribeyes are killer!