Saturday, May 1, 2010

Annual R-5 Headsuckin'

I belong to the the Virginia Float Fisherman Organization (Randy Carter Chapter) and we have an annual 'Head Suckin' event held at R-5 which is right on the Rappahannock River.  Everyone camps out Friday and Saturday night and has a great time, going from camp site to camp site meeting new and old friends and of course drinking adult beverages.  The 'mud bugs' are flown in live from Louisiana on Friday afternoon.  Saturday is when the real fun begins, when the crawdads are cooked, the kegs are tapped and the band starts!

Here we go!

Friday nights dinner, t-bones, taters and corn.

After dinner and many drinks, we headed down to the river.  My brother's having a good time!!

Hanging around camp Friday night.

Time for bed!

Saturday's lunch, grilled spares, simple salt and pepper.

The bugs have arrived straight from the Bayou!

They're being purged with help from my little Princess!

The pots are heating up!


Lot's of corn!

While the bugs are cooking, we're drinking!  Kegs are tapped and eager drinkers await!

Crawdads are DONE!

My wife's first plate.

Yeah yeah, so what......I'm sucking the head!

After dinner, the band started cranking tunes!  I don't remember much after this it was a great time!


  1. Looks like a seriously good time

  2. Looks like a time, Larry. Those are some huge pots.


  3. Larry, that is fabulous! I love those pots. Awesome! Looks like a great time. Suck that head!

  4. man I wish I could have been there...looks
    like a great time every year