Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sirloins and Veggies

After another long day of yard work and having to buy a new tractor, it was time to wind down with a few Miller Genuine Drafts 64's and firing up the grill!  Sirloin was the meat of choice, which is my favorite cut of beef HANDS DOWN to any other cut!  If cooked right, it's melt in your mouth tender, beefy flavor and fairly lean, so it's fairly healthy! 

I put a HUGE sweet potato on for me and Cathryn and her little girlfriend to share about an hour before dinner.  After 30 minutes, I added my wife's usual red onion marinated in Italian dressing.  YES she eats the whole thing, she loves them!

Then added a red bell pepper that was marinated in Italian dressing.  I love love love grilled peppers!

Once the peppers were almost done, I added the sirloins which were simply seasoned with salt and pepper.  I also threw on 4 Nathans dogs for my daughter and her friend that was sleeping over.

After 4 minutes, it was time to flip the steaks.

Last but not least, some asparagus that was marinated along with the other veggies in Italian dressing.  Cooked for about 2-3 minutes, asparagus will overcook very quickly and there's nothing worse to me than mushy gus!

Dinner is ready!

My plate!


  1. Looks good, Larry. I would gladly take a bite of that right now.

  2. Gorgeous as always Larry. I also enjoy sirloin - it was the steak my Dad always cooked when I was growing up so in addition to tasting great, it brings back a lot of fond memories as well.