Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Wolfe Sirloin Challenge

It was my oldest daughters 23rd Birthday Saturday and she said she wanted the biggest steak I could cook her.  Well........I picked up a 3.76lb top sirloin for her and she swore she could eat it all.....

Here's the beast

Started off with a few potatoes, both russets and sweets along with red onion marinated in Italian Dressing.

Then started the sirloin with a Naked Reverse Sear

I flipped the sirloin once it hit 85º and added some asparagus and red bell pepper that had been marinated in Italian dressing.

Once the sirloin hit 100º, I cranked the heat and started the other sirloins for us average folks.  They don't compare to the birthday girls.........Mine and Garrets were seasoned with Wolfe Rub Bold and my wifes with salt and pepper.

Time to sear the main attraction!

After the sear, I seasoned liberally with Wolfe Rub Original per the birthday girls request.

After a 10 minute rest....

Ready for the attack!

I overcooked it just a touch, but I blame that directly to Garret and the Miller Brewing Company.

About half way done........

Almost done.......

She hit the wall with a couple bits left, but was miserable and couldn't take another bite.  She ate way more than I could have!!  Hell, I couldn't finish the one pounder I had.... :-(


  1. That meat looks amazing! I probably would have tried to eat the whole thing too ;)

  2. That's one hell of a steak, that'd cost a fortune here in the UK.

    Think I might of managed halfway!

    Simon :)

  3. WOW that steak is huge, it is a real challenge to eat it :), how can you tell that the stake is ready if it's so gigantic?