Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What is a Fatty?

I have had alot of questions about 'what is a fatty' or for 'fatty recipes'.  You are going to be amazed when you hear this.  A basic fatty is nothing more than a 1lb roll of your favorite breakfast sausage that has been rolled in your favorite BBQ rub and smoked over indirect heat.....THAT'S IT!  Doesn't get much simpler huh?  My two favorites are Jimmy Dean Maple Sausage rolled in a liberal dose of Wolfe Rub Orginal and Jimmy Dean Bold Sausage rolled in Wolfe Rub Bold.

The sky is the limit with making a fatty, you can roll out the sausage and stuff it with anything you like, then roll it back up and smoke as normal.

Here is a Bold Fatty

Maple Fatty

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