Sunday, December 13, 2009

Country Fried Steak with Fried Okra and Mashed Potatoes

Southern Comfort food at it's best on a cold night!  Simple, easy and stick to your ribs dinner!

Couple pounds of cube steak.

Several cups of all purpose flour seasoned with salt and pepper in a gallon size Zip Loc bag.

Dredge a couple pieces of cube steak in the flour until thoroughly coated.

Dip each piece into milk.

Then back into the seasoned flour.

While the cube steaks are resting in the flour, I fried up some okra....what's a Southern Dinner without okra?

Then the star of the show goes for a hot oil bath for about 7 minutes.

Almost done.

Steaks and Okra are done and into a warm oven to hold while I make the gravy.

Couple TBS of the grease and the seasoned flour used to bread the steaks to make the roux.

Couple cups of milk and simmered until thick, about 4 minutes.

Dinner is served.

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  1. One of our favorite meals, had it not long ago. If you're ever in Texas hill country, try the Hill Country Cupboard - They claim world's best chicken fried steak and I couldn't refute them.