Saturday, December 12, 2009

Quick ABT's and Fatties

My daughter and boyfriend are going to a party tonight and asked if I would make ABT's and Fatties for them to take to the party.  Of course I obliged and they brought beer.....but they get here 3 hours before they needed to be at the party 1 hour I went in HyperQue.

Peppers were halved and stuffed QUICKLY! Actually, 'Lisa' did almost all the work under my guidance and she did a great job.....made me extremely proud!

I wrapped the ABTs in bacon and Lisa rolled the Fatties in Wolfe Rub Original and onto the Kettle at 300º since we were in a hurry. Normally I like doing them closer to 250º.

Here we are at about 1 hour and many beers....

30 more minutes and many more beers....

2 hours later, done and packaged up for the transport to the party!

Sorry, no finished sliced pic's of the fatties....I felt they would transport better wrapped in foil whole!  Hope everyone enjoys them!