Monday, November 9, 2009

Smoked Chuck Nachos

Yesterday the weather turned out beautiful and I had not planned on grilling any thing, but with nice weather and football on I went freezer diving.  I found 2 almost freezer burnt chuck steaks sitting there and said NACHOS! 

2 Chuck Steaks

Seasoned liberally with Wolfe Rub Bold and onto the grill over indirect heat.

I used 1 chunk of cherry wood.

I did not measure the meat temp or grill temp, I just cooked until I has nice bark and color, since these were gonna be braised after they were grilled.

Then I sliced up the steaks to help break down the meat faster and to fit in the pan.

Added in 1 big can of diced tomatoes along with 2 TBS dehydrated minced onion, 1 TBS dehydrated mince garlic, about 1 TSP of cumin, S&P.

Covered and simmered for about an hour and a half.

After some taste testing, my Soux Chef decided we needed more sauce and spice.......1 small can of Mild Rotel was added per her request! 

Let everything simmer for another hour, until the meat was falling apart.

The meat is ready and the sauce has thickened.

Time to load up the chips.

And onions.....I can't do alot of jalapenos and my daughter doesn't like them either.  So since it was just her and I we made them OUR way!

Under the broiler to melt the cheese and dinners ready!


  1. Your soux chef is adorable!!

  2. Those look fabulous. I have never tried them this way but you can bet they are on the list now. You and your Soux Chef did a great job.