Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cherry wood grilled Country Style Ribs

Okay, okay, yeah, yeah, I know, Country Style ribs are not really ribs....If you haven't heard or don't know what Country Style ribs are, they are not ribs, they are cuts of pork that come from most typically the shoulder, but sometimes the loin as well.  I prefer the shoulder cut CS ribs as they have more fat, which gives them more flavor and moisture.  If you're watching your weight (which I should be) and want something leaner, look for the loin cut CS ribs. 

5lbs of Bone In Country Ribs, seasoned liberally with Kosher salt and black pepper.

Added 2 medium chunks of cherry wood and let them burn down for about 5 minutes before adding the pork.

Cooked indirect for approximately 15 minutes.  I didn't monitor the grill temps, but they were probably around 350º. 

After 15 minutes, I flipped and cooked another 15 minutes.  I did not measure the internal meat temps, but you want to pull these at no more than 160º-165º, or they'll dry right out.

Then I sauced both sides of the ribs liberally and often with John Boy and Billys Sauce, which is a great store bought sauce.  I haven't had it in a while, but my buddy Captain Morgan grilled chicken with it over the weekend and made me remember how good it is!  Thanks Cappy!

Ribs are done.

Dinner is ready.  My wife made THE BEST (besides my moms) potato salad to go along with dinner.  We also had a can of corn and black beans that had a cumin like seasoning to them, very good.  I think they were Green Giant.

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