Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Breakfast Burritos with leftover pork

Making 'stuff' out of leftovers is one of my favorite ways to cook and I really get to use my imagination.  Sometimes the dishes turn out good, other times not so much so..... :-) 

I'm off today for Veterans Day (Thank you to all the Veterans and their families for your service and especially to those who have paid the Ultimate Sacrifice defending this beautiful country of ours.) so I decided to make use of a leftover country rib from last nights dinner for me and my daughter for breakfast.

1 Country Style Rib


Then julienned

Then into the pan to warm up a bit

Added in 4 eggs and turned the heat off

Scrambled into the pork

Added about a cup of salsa

Mixed in the salsa

Added about 1 cup of Mexican Blended Cheese

Filled 4 flour tortilla shells

Pan fried to warm through and brown.

Drizzled with Sriracha Sauce and breakfast was served!


  1. I am not sure how you keep yourself from eating the leftover pork as is. It looks great. You are a seasoned veteran, thats for sure.


  2. Fine looking grub there Larry. Leftover Que often finds it's way into Tex Mex dishes around here as well.