Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday morning breakfast

After a crappy day of Saturday on and off monsoons that prevented me from smoking beef and pork ribs, meat balls and Orange Marmalade Sriracha wings and caused me to cook a subpar meal inside in the oven and stove top.......I needed a good meal to redeem myself to ME!!!

Took a leftover salted baked potato from Friday nights dinner.

Mixed in garlic, onion, whole seeded diced jalapeno and fresh ground pepper.

Cooked 3 sunnyside up eggs

Breakfast is served with turkey bacon my wife cooked, which I immediately fed to Otis......Daddy doesn't do turkey bacon, bleh!  Yeah, yeah, I broke a yolk transferring from the pan to the plate!  Healthy dose of sriracha sauce on the eggs.  Very good filling breffus!

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