Monday, October 20, 2014

Pulled Pork Biscuits by The Wolfe Pit



  1. Larry, great looking cook! I'm interested in your opinion of the Rec Tec. I've been looking at pellet grills. Was leaning towards Traeger, but they are now made in China and I would like to buy American. I believe the Rec Te. Is made in Georgia? What do you see as pros/cons of the Rec Tec?


    1. Bob, unfortunately Rec-Tec is made in China as well. I don't get why things cannot be made in America anymore.......and we wonder why people are unemployed. I like the Rec-Tec so far, no problems, very simple to operate and creates a nice flavor on the food. Check out Memphis Wood Fired Grills I believe they are made in America 100%. I could be wrong though.