Friday, March 7, 2014

How to make Hot Pockets - Homemade Hot Pockets

1.5 lb - Chuck Roast (cut into cubes)
2 Cups - Water
1/2 Cup - Cheddar Jack Cheese (shredded)
2 tsp - Black Pepper
2 tsp - Granulated Garlic
2 tsp - Granulated Onion
1 tsp - Salt
1/2 Cup - BBQ Sauce (I used Sweet Baby Rays)
8 pack - Big & Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits
1 Egg

1.  In a medium pan combine meat, water, pepper, garlic, onion and salt.
2.  Bring to a simmer and cover for 1 hour or until the meat is fork tender.
3.  Add BBQ sauce and mash up meat while stirring in the BBQ sauce.
4.  Allow meat to thoroughly cool, then add cheese and mix thoroughly.
5.  Flatten out each biscuit with a rolling pin or your hands.
6.  Add one fourth of the meat to four biscuits, then add the top biscuit and seal the sides with a fork.
7.  Poke vent holes in the top and brush with a beaten egg.
8.  Bake in a 350ยบ for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown.



  1. These hand pies are fantastic. We like doing cheese burger pies like this with ground beef, onions, cheese and seasonings in it. Never tried a chuckie in one, great idea Larry.

    1. Thank you Chris! Cheeseburger sounds gooooood!!