Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Well, not really but it's how I've been feeling for a while.  I watched the documentary 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' and not only was it very intriguing, but a BIG EYE Opener for me.  I'm 42 years old, overweight, lazy and on too many medications for my young age.......Just like 'Joe' from the documentary.  He did a 60 juice only fast, lost 90lbs+ and all of his blood work improved DRAMATICALLY, he lost a skin condition he had to take steroids for and he looked great.  Well I did the juicing for breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack and mentally I could not continue.  So, I ate a very reasonable dinner of steamed chicken and mixed vegetables, very healthy right?  Woke up the next morning and I was not hungry and I actually felt great.  So I made ONE big batch about a half gallon of the green super juice, which included, kale, spinach, redleaf lettuce, celery, red and green apples, cucumber, whole lime, whole grapefruit, small piece of ginger, whole pear, one tomato and I believe that's it.  I juice it all through my Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer, which worked flawlessly, easy clean up, etc.  I am on day 3 now of my modified 'Juice Fast' and I am really feeling the rewards already.  I look forward to my juices in the morning and my meal at night.  I am very satisfied during the day, full of energy and do not have many food cravings at all.  I highly recommend giving the documentary a watch and go from there if you think it's for you!   Good luck

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  1. Hi Larry!

    I know the documentary you are referring to. Are you able to really juice all this stuff with your Hamilton Beach Juicer, without any cleanup or juicing "drama"?

    Exactly how often are you drinking the juice? Like do you drink it for breakfast and for snacks during the day? I can drink this for breakfast, but I NEED to eat lunch and dinner. But I'm sure anything would help, as long as I'm getting those healthy enzymes in my body, right?

    Also, what else are you snacking on? I appreciate you sharing your testimony. If you could write me back, that would be nice. Thanks!