Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bison Burgers

I needed a good meat fix, but still needed to keep it 'healthy'.  Cathryn and I love Bison meat, but as usual my wife has to stick with BEEF being a Texas girl......So to my amazement and total disappointment she bought 'Bubba Burgers'...but who cares, I was not eating them!

Got the pre-soaked, desilked and seasoned corn on the grill first.

After about 15 minutes I added some sweet potato slices.

15 minutes later, the potatoes are almost done and seasoned with Wolfe Rub Original and I turned up the heat a bit to get ready for the burgers.

Then made 1/3lb burgers out of the 1lb of Bison Meat and simply seasoned with salt and pepper.

And......ummm here are the Bubba Burgers......

Which one would YOU eat?

Added the Bubbas first, then the Bison as I wanted it medium rare.

Dinners ready!

The makings of my burger included lettuce, tomato, red onion and fresh sliced jalapenos on a Multi Grain Bun.

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