Saturday, December 5, 2009

Flat Iron Steaks meet Smokey Joe

I cooked Flat Iron Steaks for the first time last weekend and REALLY REALLY enjoyed them.  Last week I cooked them in a cast iron pan due to the weather, but last night I fired up my Smokey Joe since it was fairly nice out. These have really become my go to steak......I love sirloin and these are very very similar to sirloin, they're extremely lean and more tender than a sirloin.

They come in vacuum packing.  I passed by these many times over the course of several months because I was sure they were enhanced even though it states nothing of the sort on the packaging.  But now this is the second time we've had them and I am 99.99999% sure they're not enhanced, but I will need to get a FRESH cut Flat Iron from my butcher before I can tell and be 100% sure.  In any case, they're good.

Swift Premium Brand Flat Iron Steaks

There is one per pack and we had two packs. Here they are out of the wrapper, notice no excess juice which would tell me they had been enhanced (pumped with liquid).  Good sign!  Let the steaks sit out to warm up to room temperature for about an hour.

Cut each steak in half and seasoned with Kosher salt and black pepper

While the steaks were warming up I sauteed a red onion, there just wasn't enough room on the Smokey Joe and I was lazy!

Loaded the Smokey Joe up with Royal Oak lump.  I need to do a modification to get more air flow in the SJ, because as you can see there is alot of lump lit, but the damn thing just would not get hot enough for a good sear. room for the onion!  Just enough room for the steaks!

5 minutes on each side, longer than normal since the damn thing wouldn't get hot, but they ended up being cooked perfect rareness for me!!!

Also did some russetts and sweet potatoes in the oven.

Mmmmm......the tasted even better than they looked!  If you haven't tried a Flat Iron Steak, I would highly recommend them!

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