Monday, October 19, 2009

Pinquito Beans and Smoked Pork

These have become one of my favorite beans.  My buddy from Lompoc, California sends them to me and as far as I know it's the only place you can get these wonderful beans! 

So, I had some vacuum sealed leftover smoked spare rib trimmings in the freezer that had been seasoned with salt and pepper and would be used as a ham hock substitute. 


After a quick boil and 1 hour soak.

Drained after the soak

Smoked Rib Trimmings

Onion, garlic and bell pepper

After several hours of simmering, everything is coming together and almost ready for dinner.  Seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin and a little chili power.

Dinner is ready and this hit the spot on a cold, rainy, dreary Sunday after yet another Redskins loss......


  1. Looks great!!!

    Your "Buddy" :)

  2. What (IYO) makes those beans so much better then the normal grocery store junk?

  3. I think it's the texture and the flavor, similar to pinto beans, but yet different! Definitely worth trying if you haven't had them before.