Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Beef Stroganoff MY WAY

As you will see with this Beef Stroganoff recipe.......it's not the classic recipe.  I am a true believer in using leftovers so food does not go to waste.  On top of that, I absolutely love turning leftovers into a new great meal.  We had a 3.5lb top round steak for dinner on Saturday night and had roughly 1lb of meat leftover.  My daughter also made a spread for crackers using cream cheese, garlic, salt and pepper.   I also had a soon to be bad bell pepper that had to be eaten.  As I'm brainstorming what to have for dinner last night, I think Beef Stroganoff.  So here is what I did and my mock recipe which turned out 110% better than I thought it would have.
These ingredients are estimates and by eye.

Wolfe Pit Beef Stroganoff
1lb - Top Round (leftover and cooked to medium rare)
1-cup - Cream Cheese (leftover and seasoned with granulated garlic, salt and pepper)
2 - Beef Bouillion Cubes (melted in 2 cups hot water
1 - Medium Onion (medium dice)
1 - Medium Bell Pepper (medium dice)
3 TBS - Butter
1 Small Can - Mushrooms (use fresh if you like)
Pepper to taste (I didn't add any salt due to the bouillion cubes)
3 TBS - Flour

In a heavy Skillet combine butter, pepper and onion and sautee' until tender.  Add flour and continue to cook over medium low heat until all of the butter is absorbed and you can smell a nutty flavor from the flour.  Add in the beef broth, mushrooms with the juice and the cream cheese (use and season Sour Cream if you prefer).  Mix while the gravy begins to thicken, add the meat  and simmer till warmed through (do not overcook top round).
Serve over buttered egg noodles and garnish with chives or parsley.  Salt and pepper to your desired taste!  Enjoy!

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