Sunday, November 7, 2010

Smokey Joe Pork Loin


Got my cast iron grates finally for my Smokey Joe and they make a big difference on the little guy. I wanted pork sanwiches, but didn't want to do the normal sliced loin and didn't feel like taking the time to stuff it.  So I decided to make chopped pork sandwiches out of it, the reason I like to chop the loin, is it can be stringy when pulled.  So I take it to the point it's tender and pullable, then chop it.

Rubbed it down with [URL=]Wolfe Rub Original [/URL]and this little sucker was still firm and partially frozen, so I had to literally lock the lid down on the SJ.  Cooked with Royal Oak and Apple wood (Thanks to my apple wood hook up  ;) ).

As you can tell, I'm cooking in my driveway.  I was in the process of rebuilding some fishing reels in the garage and didn't want to keep going around back to check on the Performer.  So I brought the SJ around while I worked and played in the garage.

Once the loin hit 160 I put it in an aluminum pan with 2 snack cups of applesauce for the braising liquid and finished in a 325 oven.

BTW, I love butter beans......

Topped the sandwich with homemade slaw and Sticky Fingers Carolina Sweet sauce.  Haven't had this sauce before, but will again.  Quite tasty!

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