Monday, June 7, 2010

Teriyaki Baby Backs and Wings

After another exhausting weekend of yard work, a quick rack of ribs and wings for Sunday dinner.  As soon as I put the ribs on, a big storm came through, but didn't slow down the cook at all.

Seasoned the ribs with salt and pepper and cooked indirect.

Added some cut up chicken wings after the ribs were on for about an hour and a half.  Wings were simply seasoned with salt and pepper.

After about 45 minutes, the wings are getting some color.

A hug and picture was requested while Daddy was grilling and I obliged!

Now it's time to begin glazing with a store bought Teriyaki Glaze.

Almost dinner time!

Dinner is now ready to consume!

My plate, I didn't splurge too bad did I?  My wife made her very delicious pasta salad with whole grain pasta!  Can of Bush's beans finished the plate.

Pretty darn good meal!!

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  1. Everything looks great especially the ribs. I'm ready to start branching out into other rib flavors especially Asian.