Friday, October 30, 2009

Old Bay BBQ Wings

I was cooking for just ME last night and I wanted wings!  Had a craving for Old Bay and butter on them, but ended up making an Old Bay BBQ sauce for them and used just what I had on hand......they ended up pretty good. 

Old Bay BBQ Sauce
1/2 Cup Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce
1 Cup - Apple Cider Vinegar (I only had white, so that's what I used, Apple Cider would have been better)
2 TBS - Old Bay Seafood Seasoning
1 TBS - Dehydrated Minced Garlic (Fresh can be used)
1 TBS - Dehydrated Chopped Onion (Fresh can be used)
2 TBS - Butter
Combine all ingredients and bring to a boil.

Combine sauce ingredients

The star of the show!

Since it was only me tonight, I used my Smokey Joe. This is only my third cook on the little fella. NO I didn't eat all these wings!!

They're cooking!

They're almost ready for the sauce.

In for a quick bath in the sauce and then it's dinner time!

Dinner is ready!

Dinner is done!  It was kinda funny I ate chicken wings and washed them down with Miller Lite's while watching a DVR'd episode of the Biggest Loser!  Burp....


  1. I'm a wing fan as well and yours look delicious, as always. You sure you didn't eat them all?

  2. What's hup, Larry? Was looking for Old Bay recipe's and found you. Looking good as always!!

    Darwin "Zilla"Hoel

    1. Zilla!!! What's happening buddy, haven't talked to you in ages!!! Here's a newer and different Old Bay Wing recipe if you're interested!